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Internet usage trends in Belgium.
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About the stats

Mobile Browsing

Early 2011, 1% of online browsing came from tablets and smartphones. By Q3 of 2011, this number had doubled to 2%. In October 2012, just over 6% of online browsing came from mobile devices. We're now a year later and we've doubled this number to almost 14%. More than 75% of this mobile browsing is done on tablets.

Mobile OS

Apple devices still remain the devices of choice for mobile internet surfing: almost 2 out of 3 of mobile visits come from an iOS device. Android's share is still growing. Together they take account for nearly 99% of mobile traffic! Nokia, Microsoft and Blackberry are marginal.

Desktop OS

The Windows vs. OSX split is roughly 90% - 10% and has been pretty stable for the past 12 months. Because most browsing takes place during the day in the workplace, Apple most likely has a larger than 10% market share for home use.


Desktop browsers

Over the past 12 months, Internet Explorer has continually lost ground. While it still represented more than 50% of desktop browsing in October 2012, that number is almost falling below 40% in October 2013. Sadly, About 3 out of 4 IE users still use an outdated version. Google Chrome is gradually approaching a 25% market share.